‘Life has been difficult’ – Story of a man whose eyes were gouged out by his own father with a SPOON

Baqi's horrifying tale shows that women are not the only victims in Pakistan of so-called "honor crimes."


Life has been difficult

In May 2018, Abdul Baqi was blinded with a spoon by his own father and brothers in southwestern Pakistan because he wanted to marry a girl he fell in love with.

While talking to the source, Baqi said, “I can survive without my eyesight, but I can’t live without love.”

Baqi’s horrifying tale shows that women are not the only victims in Pakistan of so-called “honor crimes.”

When Baqi was discharged from the hospital, he moved into the home of a Quetta-based charity worker named Jamal Tarakai, who found about his case from social media.


Honor Crime

Under “honor crime” laws, Baqi’s father and two brothers stayed in police custody for nearly a year awaiting trial on charges.

On April 10, 2019, Baqi made an arrangement with his father under Pakistan’s Islamic “blood money” laws. In return for Baqi’s forgiveness, his father vowed to let the “love marriage” proceed. He likewise guaranteed to provide Baqi a place to live and pay Baqi $200 every month.

No Financial Help from Father

The court discharged Baqi’s father and brothers under the arrangement and all charges against them were dropped. However, Tarakai, who hosts Baqi at his home in Quetta, said the father despite everything has not kept his side of the arrangement by giving a house and financial help.

Baqi said his fiancé has come under increased pressure from her relatives over their telephone romance since he was blinded. Her relatives confiscated her telephone to prevent them from continuing to speak with each other.

Baqi further added the last time they spoke was in October when they agreed it was best to abstain from contacting each other until there is less pressure on her from her relatives.

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