Linking to Social Media with – Haroon ur Rasheed facing Social Media’s stiff Questions

When it comes to Pakistani journalism, no name stands out as vividly as Haroon Ur Rasheed.

Building his reputation as an unbiased columnist, Haroon always blessed general public with his insightful opinions of the political atmosphere.

Haroon’s work came in the limelight after his famous book ‘’Fateh’’. The book was a life story of General Akhtar Abdul Rehman.

In his book, he highlighted the role of Gen Akhtar during the Afghan war. After Fateh, Haroon was recognized as an intellectual urdu columnist, with credible opinions of different aspects of politics.

Haroon set a unique example by declaring that he will return all the money he got from three different governments for being a journalist.


In 2013 elections, Rasheed again became a hot topic of the town after rumors about him, and Imran Khan floated. According to them, Haroon sidelined himself from PTI because of leadership’s resistance of allotting tickets to his preferred candidates.

He later also challenged PTI’s accountability in his column as well, calling it untransparent. His claims were later also denied by Imran Khan himself.

However, Haroon to this remains unaffiliated with any political party.

An Exclusive Talk With

Recognizing his role as a credible journalist and a  massively followed figure,’s team brings his interview exclusively for our audience. 

The entire idea was linking Haroon with social media since it is the preferred platform for public to voice their opinions.

We, as always, turned to our respected followers asking them about their questions. The response was overwhelming. The observations and involvement of our members was very encouraging and astonishing at the same time.

We picked the few top rated questions and methodically planned our interview.


Though, it was impossible to cater all the asked questions in our exclusive talk with Haroon Ur Rasheed. However, we tried to pose as many questions as possible. He explained his concerns and disagreements with the PTI leadership in detail.

While inquiring about the role of the COAS in the elections, he gives a befitting response loaded with an intellectual and unbiased insight.

On asking about his column about financial accountability of PTI and Asad Umar’s blame of defamation on him, he said that his opinions are unchanged and he still believes in everything he previously said.


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  • August 29, 2017 at 3:14 pm

    One of our favorites in media is Haroon ur Rashid sahab. Though he even criticize Imran Khan but we know he loves Pakistan and is a patriot. Not a pen for sale!

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