List of 31 countries that offer visa-free travel, visa on arrival for Pakistanis

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The Hanley Passport Index in its recent list revealed that Pakistan’s passport is one of the four worst passports globally and ranked 113th out of 116 countries in the world. Pakistani citizens can only travel to 31 countries without a visa.

The Henley Passport Index is an authoritative ranking of all the world’s passports based on the number of destinations their owners can access without a prior visa.

According to the agency’s list, the passports of Japan and Singapore are jointly the most powerful in the world, and their owners can travel to 192 countries without having a visa in advance.

However, only 31 countries allow Pakistanis to visit without a visa. Pakistani citizens can travel to countries including: 

  • Cook Islands, 
  • Dominica, 
  • Haiti, 
  • Gambia, 
  • Micronesia, 
  • Trinidad and Tobago, 
  • Montgomery, 
  • New Haven, 
  • St. Vinson, 
  • Vanuatu

Moreover, visas can be obtained at the airport after arriving in 22 countries. The countries are as follows:

  • Cambodia, 
  • Kenya, 
  • Maldives, 
  • Madagascar, 
  • Seychelles, 
  • Mauritania, 
  • Somalia, 
  • Nepal, 
  • Sri Lanka, 
  • Senegal, 
  • Uganda

Is Pakistani passport really the fourth-worst?

Countries below Pakistan are Syria, Iraq, and Afghanistan. These three countries have been suffering from civil war in recent years; they can not be compared to Pakistan.

Surprisingly, Yemen, the Palestinian Territories, Somalia, and even Libya are above Pakistan, and these nations are far more politically chaotic than Pakistan.

Despite this, Pakistan’s position at such a low level is a matter of concern for the Pakistani Foreign Ministry.

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