List of New Vehicles you can buy in under PKR 20 lakhs in Pakistan 2022 [Specs + Features + Price]

Buying a worthy vehicle when you’re on a budget in Pakistan isn’t easy. The task gets more challenging when the budget cap is under 2 lakhs. Most people prefer going for used cars rather than new cars to satiate their auto needs in this price range. However, the charm of buying and using a new car is hard to resist.

It’s better to invest in a new fuel-efficient car than buy a used luxurious car under 20 lakhs. The only company that offers new vehicles in under 2 million rupees is Suzuki. Suzuki has made its customers proud by manufacturing remarkable budget cars for Pakistanis.

All these cars flaunt a fuel-efficient engine that delivers good mileage, unique interior features, and fabulous exterior style. It is absurd to go after used luxury vehicles and not invest in new cars with exceptional performance if you’re on a budget.

Here is a list of 3 excellent brand-new Suzuki vehicles you can buy in under 20 lakhs in Pakistan 2022:

Suzuki Alto

Alto VXPKR 1,274,000
Alto VXRPKR 1,508,000
Alto VXLPKR 1,704,000


Suzuki Alto has always enjoyed a healthy market share in developing countries mainly due to its economical price and fuel economy. It was introduced in Pakistan in 1979 and instantly became popular.

Suzuki Alto Exterior

The new Suzuki Alto comes with a boxy design with aerodynamic curves and lines. The car has an exterior that is pleasing to the eyes—the front of the Alto sports a new grille with broad vertical lines. The rear has a stylish spoiler which gives the car a modern look. The VXL variant also comes with retractable mirrors.

Suzuki Alto Interior

The new Alto has a single-tone interior color in the VX and VXR variants, while the interior of VXL is dual-toned. The car supports the keyless entry and has a security system and immobilizer for better security. The air conditioner is not available in the base variant but comes as a standard VXR and VXL. The heating system, front defroster, side demister, antenna, and power steering are available in all variants.

Suzuki Cultus



Suzuki Cultus VXRPKR 1,904,000
Suzuki Cultus VXLPKR 2,105,000
Suzuki Cultus AGSPKR 2,272,000


Suzuki launched its new model of Suzuki Cultus, providing the comfort and ease of journey. This car, with engine displacement and power of 998cc and 67hp, provides the best performance. It can accommodate five persons and is the best pick for families. The modern structure and chassis with comfortable seating capacity and smooth driving are all you need in a car. The cultus average fuel capacity and other special features make it one of the most suitable cars.

Suzuki Cultus Interior

The interior is furnished with leather seats, LCD situated at the front, an air conditioner, an integrated sound system that makes it perfect, and the most comfortable interior. The immobilizers and airbags are installed in later variants of Suzuki cultus. Immobilizer reduces the chance of theft as it avoids ignition from unauthorized keys. The spacious interior and luggage space make it stand unique. Moreover, comprehensive visibility and high seating provide an eternal comfort of the journey.

Suzuki Cultus Exterior

The stylish and modern chassis of Suzuki cultus is designed in aerodynamic shape. The exterior design has also been updated in later variants. The use of high and ultra-high tensile steel fibers provides its strength and makes it light weighted. The exterior of variants VXL and AGS is designed upon (TECT) total effective control technology.

Suzuki Wagon R



WagonR VXRPKR 1,760,000/-
WagonR VXLPKR 1,852,000/-
WagonR AGSPKR 2,024,000/-


Pak Suzuki company launched the first generation Suzuki Wagon R 2021 in 2014.

Suzuki Wagon R Exterior

Suzuki Wagon R has an exterior that is familiar to Suzuki design language. The car’s front end is housed with large trapezium; styled side swept headlights, dual standard circular fog lights, trapezium grille with chrome accent, and trapezium air intake. The car’s rear end is housed with a roof spoiler, standard case hatchback, and stacked rectangular vertical side swept taillights. The variants of Suzuki Wagon R have the feature of identical styling in every aspect. The overall exterior of 1st generation Suzuki Wagon R is featured with a reasonably restrained design language familiar to the Japanese hatchback of the same class.

Suzuki Wagon R Interior

Suzuki Wagon R has interior features k and beige plastic trim pieces. The front and rear seats are prepared with fabric. The standard features on Wagon R VXR are added with air conditioning as a standard, 2-speaker stereo audio system with CD, AUX, power steering, and USB inputs on highest end Wagon R VXL power lock doors, power windows, folding rear seats, and front fog lights. There are different options of the base models, which are deluxe fabric upholstery, air conditioning, 2 speaker stereo audio system with AUX and CD, security alarm, and USB input. The overall interior of the 1st generation Suzuki Wagon R has a decent amount of interior space in front and rear. It offers a decent level of comfort, but it does not have interior refinement.

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