List of top 6 online business ideas with little to no investment in Pakistan

Many online businesses can be started with little to no investment.

Like many people in Pakistan, it would also be your dream to start your own online business too. Many online businesses can be started with little to no investment.

Here is a list of top 6 online business ideas  with little to no investment:


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Reselling is easy to understand; you acquire the products and sell them to people who need them. Products can be acquired through drop shipping as almost no money is required. You can directly ship from the manufacturer and keep a profit margin. The profit margin here, however, is low. 

Start a blog

online business

Blogging is a popular way of making money online. The best part is that it doesn’t always have to be about writing; you can also make a Vlog, post photos, or even start a game website. You can choose any niche. It is suggested to buy a domain for your website, but you can create a free blog if you don’t have any money to invest. Now you can earn through your blog in a variety of ways. For instance, you can get Google AdSense approved or even include links to products and promote them as an affiliate marketer.

Affiliate marketing

Affiliate marketing entails making a commission by advertising a product or service provided by another retailer. It is just like a salesperson’s job, but better. The retailer gives each affiliate a unique link so they can track who made a sale. When someone clicks that link, a cookie file gets stored on their device that helps the retailer attribute the sale to the right person. 

Let’s say a person visits your blog or post to find a shoe. They click on one of the affiliate links, which directs them to the product. If they purchase the product through your referred link, then you get a commission from the sale. It is between 5% to 25%.

Online tutoring

If you’re someone who loves teaching, then you are going to like online tutoring too. It doesn’t need any investment since you don’t need a classroom. You can either sign up on online websites like or create your teaching website and teach your favorite subject.

Virtual assistant

It is similar to being an online secretary. All you need is a phone, computer, and internet connection. Many marketers are ready to delegate easy yet time-consuming tasks to competent people. A virtual assistant can provide services like blog posting, buying a domain, email management, making travel arrangements, audio or video editing, calendar management, and social media marketing. In short, you can pick any task depending on your expertise and skills and get paid hourly.

SEO consulting

Search engine optimization is a skill to design and improve the appearance and positioning of web pages in organic search results. In today’s digital age, one cannot possibly ignore the importance of SEO, so why not offer consulting services. Lots of online businesses are looking for SEO experts to help them rank their websites.

You don’t have to limit yourself to one of these opportunities. Begin with one, and as your income grows, learn new skills and opt for other opportunities.

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