Here’s a list of Turkish series you should watch After Diriliş: Ertuğrul

Happy Quarantine!

Diriliş: Ertuğrul has got everyone hooked to their television screens. Since the first day it aired, the show has managed to gather a huge fanbase in Pakistan. In fact, people love it so much that they’ve gone as far as naming their newborns after the show’s lead ‘Ertuğrul’.

Since everyone is confined to their homes and has a lot of time on their hands, Mashable Pakistan has compiled a list of some Turkish serials that you might want to watch next once you’re done binge-watching Ertuğrul.

Rise of Empires: Ottoman

The theme of this one goes in line with that of Diriliş: Ertuğrul. It is about Ottoman sultan Mehmed II and his campaign to take over the Byzantine capital of Constantinople.

It is an informative and interesting series about the history of the Ottoman Empire.

The Protector

Another very famous show on Netflix is this one. The story is about a young shopkeeper whose life changes forever when he learns that he’s connected to a secret ancient order whose job is to protect Istanbul.

The Gift

If your go-to genre is Mystery, this show will definitely grab your attention. Its story begins when an Istanbul painter begins on a personal journey as she finds out universal secrets about an archaeological site.


You’ve obviously heard of this one. The famous series ‘Fatmagül’ is about a young woman who sets out to seek revenge on a group of men who abused her under the influence of drugs.

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