Listen to translated lyrics HERE: Every Muslim needs to know what the theme song of ‘Ertugrul’ means!

It's s beautiful and heart-touching!

The Turkish series Dirilis: Ertugrul continues to remain the talk of the town. Ever since the show aired in Pakistan, the viewership is continuously growing. Like everything else related to the series, the title track of the show is as much loved as the show itself.


The soundtrack is characterized by a deep spiritual rapture, trance, ecstasy, and magic. The music composer has beautifully produced the melodic flavors, peculiar to the spirit of those times.


The track holds such a powerful and meaningful message that every Muslim who listens/reads the lyrics of the theme song can feel chills running down their spines.


So what exactly does Ertugrul’s theme song mean?

Let’s find out!


After the starting music, the lyrics say:


“Allah is Life. Allah is Truth. O nation, beware of tricks, prepare the horses! The Glory of Allah calls us! We will go into the Sea, and we will raise the Flag of our Prophet Muhammad (PBUH).”


“Allah is Life. Allah is Truth. We will play the right of our Flag. We will bring the name of Allah to this World. Seek your goal, don’t leave! Strive and prepare the Weapons! You will be glorified in Heaven!”


 “Allah is Life. Allah is Truth. If the Universe goes against you, do not give up and seek Allah’s help! Let the glory and history be repeated! Remind Hercules and Caesar (Roman Kings) of their defeat! Khyber has still not forgotten your attacks!”


“Allah is Life, Allah is Truth. Do not have mercy on Traitors in your country! Traitors are in disguise as your companions. Our nation has suffered a lot. The Sun will Rise. And Jerusalem will be OURS!”


Here is the translation of Ertugrul’s theme song with lyrics:


Here’s the Urdu translation:

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  • It will be better if we read the Quran and Hadith and try to understand Allah and his Messenger (PUHM) message.


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