Lived A Patriot, Died A Patriot – Nawab Siraj Raisani

The recent series of back to back suicide attacks resulting in loss of hundreds of lives has undoubtedly shocked the entire nation. Yesterday was absolutely grieve-stricken for the entire nation as after a long break we witnessed one of the worst terrorist attacks in the country’s history. With death toll approximately reaching 200 by certain sources, the tragedy is being called greater in magnitude than the Peshawar attack – whose wounds are yet to heal.

Hitting an election rally in Mastung district, Balochistan, the bombing targeted candidate of Balochistan Awami Party and the younger brother of former chief minister Aslam Raisani, Nawab Siraj Raisani. Unfortunately, the brutal attack not only took the life of Nawab Siraj but also dozens of families were left mourning for the rest of their lives.

This bloody massacre in country’s South Western province, where people’s concerns are already unaddressed has left entire Pakistan heartbroken, disappointed and completely, emotionally shaken. Nawab Siraj Raisani was celebrated as a true patriot who has been a bold voice against the anti-state elements that are quite active in the province and are aggressively doing their part in destabilizing it.

Nawab Siraj’s Shahadat put forth a summary of his passionate life-long efforts in front of Pakistanis and people of Balochistan, who have often taken this men’s shelter, expecting him to be their voice when they themselves struggled to barely whisper. Vowing to live and die as a Pakistani, Siraj on countless occasions assured that his loyalties will always lay with his beloved soil and if needed, he won’t be reluctant to provide his own life to the service either.

Like his four-year-old Facebook page post read:

‘’If I die, don’t waste a shed of your tear. Instead, continue to prosper for Pakistan. For then, I shall know that we have won. I’m Siraj Khan Raisani & I will die as Pakistani’’

The social media community united to condemn the irreplaceable loss the country faced. 

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