This British-Pakistani Barrister Telling Why No One Should Accept Sharmeen’s Explanation Is A Must Read

Sharmeen Obaid has been the topic of the town for a while. Her stance divided the public and even the gender whose rights she advocates were not fully in support of her.

Recently she took to Twitter and posted her response to the entire social media frenzy that was caused due to her tweets. She although calling her words poorly chosen and an aftermath of heated emotions, she said that she still stands by her words that what the doctor did was a clear breach of trust. Just like her initial words, her explanation ignited a debate as well.

A Barrister from London Huma Price dissected the entire situation and gave her an extensive response addressing each aspect of the frenzy. We have taken some parts from her Facebook post, have a look at what Huma had to say:

She said that as Sharmeen said that no boundaries exist in Pakistan, but one surely does exist. The boundary that separates the elite and the working class. She said that her stance shows clearly showed how she clearly showed her influence to manipulate the situation.
She further said that her woman advocacy was limited to her sister. Why did she not think about the woman who will be suffering through this and has four kids to take care of? The jobless doctor’s wife!

Huma also said that Sharmeen was wrong in saying that the doctor messed with strong women. Because if it was the case, her sister could’ve dealt with the issue on her own rather than starting an entire social media war hiding behind her influential and popular sister.

She said that ironically, the doctor she used for her documentary was also accused of harassment. Are her moral values and responsibilities only limited to her own sister?

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