British data analytics company reveals interesting research about Pakistani internet users

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Pakistani internet users

A London-based data analytics and brand consulting company named Google and Kantar has shared new research about Pakistani internet users. It revealed how Pakistanis consume the internet and spend their time on digital platforms.

The research comprised two stages involving 4,135 interviews with Pakistanis, aged between 15-55 years, in urban and rural areas.

The research revealed that Pakistan reached a critical mass of internet usage in 2021. More than 50 percent of the country’s population now uses the internet.

The pandemic and related lockdowns primarily drove this boom along with the lower cost of mobile internet in Pakistan.

Furthermore, 46 percent of Pakistan’s total population has access to the internet on a daily basis-out of the total internet-connected population, and this percentage is 86 percent.

However, the study also found that Pakistanis primarily use the internet for social media and entertainment purposes and are also unaware of its potential. Many current internet users in the country expressed no desire to increase their time online.

The number of Pakistanis that are now internet literate and use services like e-commerce has grown phenomenally over the past four years.

In the past four years, internet users in Pakistan have grown by 35 times, primarily due to the low cost of mobile data.

Pakistan’s mobile data usage figures have been multiplying every year for the past four years due to the impact on the startup ecosystem.

The research revealed that many online apps are also being used as multi-purpose tools rather than just for one purpose. For instance, many Pakistanis have been using YouTube to watch videos, news and get e-commerce information. At the same time, Google Search is used for all these purposes – news, e-commerce, and watching videos.

Furthermore, 33 percent of Pakistani internet users have made online purchases, and 27 percent have increased online spending during the coronavirus pandemic. Research revealed that online purchases have primarily been restricted to just food and clothing.

The research concluded that Pakistan’s digital landscape has a lot of potential for businesses and individuals. However, the users need to be sharpened and aware of the internet’s potential in accessing information, education, e-commerce, and startups’ proliferation in attracting foreign investment.

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