A London-based Page Called Pakistan ‘Beautiful’ And People Had Contradictory Views About It

Pakistan has paid a heavy price for war against terrorism. The consequences are innumerous and uncountable. However, one of them, though less grave in nature apparently but a threat to sustainability, is the obvious decline in tourism.
As a Pakistani, getting recognized for extremism and being tagged as a terrorist across the world was offensive. But what was more discouraging was how the people wanted to show the beautiful side of the country to rest of the world, but the formed image showed no flexibility.

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The situation seemed to start getting better after an improvement in the internal security situation. Even after welcoming international sports back in the country, the damages done were far severe and healing needed time.
Many popular travel vloggers and YouTubers turned their direction to Pakistan, intrigued and curious to dig out the real picture of Pakistan. To our relief, all of them went back claiming that Pakistan indeed is far safer than what media preaches and people are hospitable, making it one of their one of the favourite countries to ever be in.

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Now gradually again, the country is working on making itself a favourable travel destination. The importance is evident and pleasantly, political parties have also added tourism as a priority in their election manifesto.
Recently, LADBible, a popular UK based page that posts viral videos, shared a breathtaking scenery of Passu. It also highlighted the natural gifts the country is blessed with, calling Pakistan beautiful.

But as said above, it will take some time to gain that lost repute back and creating a picture that Western media has previously so horrifyingly painted. While some people were mesmerized by the beauty, some of them responded critically calling it an unsafe place. Here are some of the responses:

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