London-based Street Artist Pays Tribute To Edhi By Painting His Mural In Trafalgar Square

In the times when Pakistan was a country hosting darkness, a man rose and proved to be a torch for the whole of humanity. The world now remembers him as Abdul Sattar Edhi. Edhi was a man who fell in love with the humankind and dedicated his entire life to it. Some years after his foundation’s initiation, Edhi’s reach became international and soon his efforts became a talk of a global or worldwide audience.
As the angel of a man once said, ‘’No religion is higher than humanity’’, and stood by this till his last breath.

Edhi’s foundation was built on the slogan ‘’Live and help live’’ and so, it is all that the foundation has worked for. In his whole life, Edhi proved to be a parent for the orphans and a pillar of support, love and affection for all those who were alone in this world.

His messaged resonated with many hearts and inspired many people, including a London-based social worker and street artist, Daniel Swan. To give tribute to his hero, Daniel painted a mural of Abdul Sattar Edhi in the heart of London’s Trafalgar Square. He said that Edhi’s dedication to humanity deeply inspires and touches him.

“Through all of my experiences, I have found that all true riches are within’’

Here is the beautiful artwork he created:

Swan himself previously worked for one of the biggest corporations in the world but soon realized that he wasn’t contributing much to the world this way. His work-visit to the USA completely transformed his life as his goals were redefined after seeing the poverty there. He dedicated his life to serving the less fortunate and is currently raising money for his foundation, Problems of Perception, to build shelter homes all across the UK.
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