10 unseen pictures from Mira Sethi’s wedding

She recently shared them on instagram.

Mira Sethi, known widely for her role in ‘Ye Dil Mera’ and her affiliation with Najam Sethi, married the love of her life Bilal Siddiqui last year. The actress took to Instagram to share some beautiful pictures from her wedding for her followers.

~ Here, have a look:

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  • Its their personal life. Why people need to comment on someone personal wedding. Agar ap logoon ki bhee shadi ki pics and video online dal dain tu kuch na kuch nikal aye ga comment karne ko. Allah se daroo stop judging people we dont have any place ye Allah ka kam hai judge karna. Insaan raho khuda na bano. Allah se daro

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  • What to do with her pics… Ma fucker… you have such useless timec for this fuckin post… bloody jackass

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