L’oreal Makes History By Featuring A Hijab-wearing Model In Hair Care Advertisement

The recent couple of years have really changed the dynamics of the beauty and fashion industry worldwide. The statements made by the industry is simple – beauty and fashion are not specified for any color or race.

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We have witnessed some really empowering campaigns for the matter and this surely is inspirational and beautiful in its own domain. L’oreal has broken barriers preaching the same ideology by featuring a hijab-wearing model in their hair campaign.

The campaign features beautiful infamous British Blogger Amena Khan. Amena gained immense recognition from her blog, Amena Official. What begins there, started to grow bigger as she later became L’oreal’s Brand Ambassador, YouTue vlogger, co-founder of Ardere cosmetics and also owns her own line of head scarfs – all part-time while being a full-time mother.

Amena was seen flaunting a pink scarf in front of a vibrant pink background in the haircare advertisement.
She says that whether the hair is on the display or not, they need care, which makes the campaign extremely powerful. Amena herself showed immense joy on being part of the campaign. She wrote on her Instagram that when she takes her hijab off, she wants the hair to feel soft and luscious, just like any other woman.

She appreciated the campaign in her talk to Vogue UK, saying that what Loreal is doing, no other brand is. She added that being inclusive of women with diverse physical features is inspirational as it gives everyone a chance to relate to the trends in the beauty market.

“I didn’t start wearing a headscarf until I was in my twenties, but even prior to that I didn’t see anyone I could relate to in the media. It was always a cause of celebration when you saw a brown face on television!” (Source: CNN)

She recalled her experience that when she started wearing hijab, she found no one to relate to as the models had to look a ‘certain way’ to be a part of these fashion campaigns. But by being a part of it, she is happy that she will be in a capacity to inspire many girls who feel the similar way.

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