How a lost wallet brought India and Pakistan together in the most ‘filmy’ way

Users quoted it as "an Indo-Pakistani story that is better than twilight," and we couldn't agree more!

While milling around London, Pakistani Ghazi Taimoor found a misplaced wallet in London, containing bank cards belonging to a certain Rahul. He then embarked on a hunt to locate the rightful owner.

It’s time to forget all your favorite timeless Bollywood classics like Project Milaap and Main Hoon Na because this one spins a tale that unifies the two countries like no other.

Taimoor’s journey started from Shoreditch Street, where he found the wallet -to Twitter, where Taimoor requested the internet to aid his search in finding the wallet’s missing owner.

He tweeted, “Guys! Just found this wallet on Shoreditch High street. The name on the bank card suggests the wallet belongs to a Rahul R******. Time to HUNT RAHUL DOWN. Will update y’all.” The vow to return the wallet was all it took for users on social media to band together and start sleuthing.

After a short while and some long tweets, Taimoor found the owner – Rahul!

And all of Twitter rejoiced at this heartwarming meeting! Many congratulated the Harvard alum for his effort in spreading positivity.


Taimoor then took to Twitter to express his immense gratitude, saying, “I’m slightly teary-eyed as I type this, but I’m GRATEFUL for so much kindness and love I’ve received from strangers in this past day. It’s been a terribly tough year for us all and it’s little acts of kindness that make this world a better place to live in.”

Users quoted it as “an Indo-Pakistani story that is better than twilight,” and we couldn’t agree more!

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