Low Quality Content, Planted Audience And Offensive Treatment To Guests – Where Are The Pakistani Morning Shows Going?

In our society where most of the women are housewives and are doing the toughest job with no holidays, television is the only source of entertainment they have. Now look at it this way, TV is the only contact a woman who stays inside the four walls has with the outside world. The reason why these morning shows have HUGE viewership is that the time at which they are aired is probably the only time a woman who stays inside the house has to spend with her own self.

Without any doubt, the quality of content that has become a norm in these shows is neither productive nor informative.
With the great viewer base that they have, these shows can actually make these shows a medium to transmit knowledge to the women who have given up on their own growth with the responsibilities that they have. But very few shows are allocating their broadcasting space to this. Others are busy celebrating wedding functions that for God knows what reason continue all year along. Or just strengthening the chains of social stigmas and beauty standards we are already shackled in like zero size figure and fair skin.

For the sake of ratings, the kinds of questions that are asked to the guests of these shows are to some extent offensive and absurd as well. Mostly they are patient in responding when their faces show a story otherwise.


But in some cases, celebrities have reacted furiously to the content and have openly criticized in the live show as well.

Already if the content wasn’t horrible enough, the shows further also plant their audience by paying them which if you look closely fail to keep up with the drama.
See this video below:

We really appreciate the effort these hosts put in to entertain us. However, dropping quality and element of moral behavior just for the sake of ratings is something that seriously needs to be considered.

What are your thoughts on this? Let us know below.

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