LUMS students want singer Bilal Khan to replace Malala as keynote speaker at their convocation

Students believe Malala to be 'anti-national'.

Students from LUMS are unhappy about the Nobel laureate, Malala Yousafzai, being invited as the keynote speaker at their convocation.

According to reports, a number of students from Lahore University of Management Sciences (LUMS) have requested the Vice-Chancellor to ‘uninvite’ her. The students have written to the VC that they come from ‘Army families’ and Malala is anti-state.

An associate professor from the university spoke about this in a tweet and said that he fails to understand this specific concern of the students as Malala was against the same people that the Army fights against. He further clarified that only a few students have expressed such sentiments and not the ‘whole student body’.

According to the reports, the students from the graduating batch of 2020 want Malala to be replaced with the singer ‘Bilal Khan’ as the keynote speaker at the ceremony. People all over the social media, which includes the LUMS alumni, are surprised and shocked at this.

Hateful comments regarding Malala Yousafzai have been common in Pakistan. The 2012 attack on her was considered ‘fake’ and a ‘drama’ by many who neglected the fact that before flying to the UK, she was treated at a military hospital after getting shot.

Moreover, she has been commonly accused of having links with the American establishment, even by some educated individuals of the country.

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  • singer over Malala ????

    it shows she will be a failure in Pakistan and will never be a PM

  • Malala is a puppet of some hidden hands, playing on their tunes…

    Please be careful about this sly fox.

  • Malala may be questionable pick, however Jamiat likes to play its dirty game everywhere in the name of islam.

    People who invited her are Pakistanis and concerned about Pakistan like anybody else.

    Its good to get a chance to listen to her, what she has to say to understand more about her.

    One must have a open mind when you want to understand one point of view.

  • So the associate prof claims students left them red faced, and then went on to share it on Twitter?

  • The question is WHY the Vice-Chancellor of LUMS decided to invite her, without getting into any negative that I may have for her, what was her participation in Pakistan that made the VC so convinced to make her a key speaker. We as Pakistanis don’t know any thing about Malala except that she was hurt as many others, but she was chosen by USA / UK to be treated by all means in UK, developed , shaped as launched in Pakistan. She was never an outstanding student, she never created any thing for Pakistan, she never spoke when it was time to speak for Pakistan or any Islamic country in trouble or in need of any voice for them, who is she ? Without any disrespect , she doesn’t deserve this honor, Imran Khan should have been the first choice or any on of this caliber in education and loyalty to Pakistan.

  • لبرل اور بیوقوف میں فرق ہے

    لمز کے سٹوڈنٹس ملالہ کی اوقات خوب جانتے ہیں ،

    ہمیں بھی بتایا جائے کہ ملالہ نے کونسا تیر مارا جو اس کو اس قابل بناتا ہے کہ لمز میں کانووکیشن کی چیف گیسٹ بنے ؟


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