LUMS Professor ‘Disappears’ After Complaints Of Sexual Harassment Are Lodged Against Him

As per numerous social media posts, American-Iranian professor Dr. Hayder Al-Mohammad, who was given the task of teaching the ‘Anthropology of Body’ course, sexually harassed his students, both female and male.

A professor at LUMS (Lahore University of Management Sciences) has disappeared after students lodged complaints against him of misconduct and sexual harassment to the administration of the renowned university.

As per numerous social media posts, American-Iranian professor Dr. Hayder Al-Mohammad, who was given the task of teaching the ‘Anthropology of Body’ course, sexually harassed his students, both female and male.

Mahnoor Nadeem, while narrating her interaction with the professor, posted on social media that the teacher was ‘seriously unwell’ and ‘not fit to be around students’. According to the post, Al-Mohammad made ‘extremely inappropriate sexual remarks very regularly’.
Mahnoor wrote that he also talked about his zipper being open on campus so he could get ‘air down there’.

Further on, she said that the professor made remarks about having sexual intercourse in ‘an SDSB [Suleman Dawood School of Business] discussion room’.
The girl wrote that sexual harassment wasn’t confined to only classrooms.

“He also targetted several female students outside the classroom on campus as well,” she wrote.

Mahnoor added that the instructor told one of his female students: “I don’t want to imagine what parts of your body you’ll be rubbing.”

Al-Mohammad’s actions weren’t refined to alleged sexual harassment, but, he also made ‘xenophobic and racist’ comments at a university that advocates ‘culture of respect’.

When students contacted the university administration to lodge the complaint, submitting documentary evidence, they were asked to ‘give him another chance’. When they pressed harder, threatening with legal action, the administration told the students that the professor had left the university mid-semester ‘without informing anyone’.

But the problems didn’t end there, after the mysterious disappearance, classes weren’t held for an entire week. Substitute professors were provided to the class, but it wasn’t helpful at all as they didn’t have access to the grades of the students, which constituted 50% of the course work done.

“Our work was completely disregarded and we were told to start from scratch”, Mahnoor Nadeem stated.

“We are not expected to deliver four components within 19 days upon which 100% of our grade will be based”, she added

The social media users labeled their experience with Al-Mohammad as ‘traumatic’. They criticized the university department responsible for employing such people, who were unfit to be around students.

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  • Universities shouldn’t bear this horrified attitude and take serious and strict action against such type of so called teachers.

  • Shockingly unprofessional by LUMS administration and the staff recruitment policy needs to be looked at. This is unacceptable that legal action should be threatened and in the end the professor just left with the students work as final petty act. LUMS has taken no action in this circumstance. Who is monitoring these private institutions where almost weekly reports are coming out of misconduct by staff. Government needs to take a look at this seriously.

    • Have we ever wondered why so many foreigners landing in Pakistan act so condescendingly towards our people and institutions? Perhaps our reputation of meek and prideless people have gone to every other nation. And we reinforce it by letting these foreigners take us for a ride by setting no standards of our self-respect under the garb of hospitality.

  • This is not a big deal if he is working in some western uni, well LUMS portray as being a Western university in pakistan, no wonder it appears this way there.

    • Sorry Hammad, what you say is not correct. Universities in the West do not tolerate such behaviour by their faculty members. Such things are taken very seriously in the West.

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