Anchorperson Madiha Naqvi recalls how she was ‘blackmailed’ during Shadi week morning show [VIDEO]

During the interview, Madiha Naqvi shared that she had previously also hosted morning shows.

The Couple Show invites Madiha Naqvi and Faisal Sabzwari for an interview.

Recently, anchorperson Madiha Naqvi and politician Faisal Sabzwari appeared on The Couple Show hosted by Agha Ali and Hina Altaf.

During the interview, Madiha Naqvi shared that she had previously also hosted morning shows. Talking about her show, Madiha Naqvi explained:

I used to host an educational show whose target audience was primarily students. Then I started totka shows, which garnered high ratings.

The anchorperson shared why her morning show team started doing a Shadi show and said:

While doing a morning show, my team wanted to connect to the masses, so they decided to conduct a Shadi week. But they decided to do something different by helping low-income families in getting married.

While talking about the Shadi season segment of her show, the anchorperson shared a startling audience-blackmailing incident. Madiha Naqvi said:

There used to be a live show every day. The needy people whom we were helping used to blackmail us so much everywhere.

Sharing the details of the incident, Madiha said:

In one Shadi week segment, the girl belonged to a low-income family, and her father had died. When we were supposed to do the Baraat episode, they said that 2,000 guests would be coming to Baraat, so our team collected the money.

Madiha further stated:

Now the boy didn’t understand why the girl is getting all the things, and he isn’t. We had a very well-dressed internee in our team, and on the Walima day, the groom started saying that I will be wearing trousers just like him (the internee).

It should be noted that almost all morning shows have hosted a Shadi week once to boost the show’s ratings. However, Madiha Naqvi’s experience of hosting the segment unveils the bitter truth that isn’t showcased on the TV screen.

Watch the full interview of Madiha Naqvi and Faisal Sabzwari here:

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  • In rural areas, it’s very common to invite hundred of peoples at Walima..Couple did the right thing..TV channels r making money so that was their turn

  • These seem to be demands/wishes from the bride/groom which you have/had the authority to turn down saying that your budget doesn’t allow it and the money you save will help some other poor family getting married, so don’t know why it is categorized as blackmailing?

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