Madrassah for Transgender People set up in Lahore

According to media reports, the first madrassah for transgender people was established in Lahore. Alongside being a place of worship, the madrassah has been introducing transgender people to the teachings of the Holy Quran and religion. Several transgender people from different regions visit the madrassah to learn the Quran.

Who established the madrassah?

Guro Shama Jan, a resident of Johar Town, Lahore, started a series of religious education for transgender people at her residence. Initially, the number of transgender people studying the Quran was no more than a dozen. However, the number increased significantly during the month of Ramadan.

Speaking about why she decided to establish a madrassah, Shama Jan said:

I was attached to religion from childhood, but when my own family left me, and society looked at me with hatred, I turned away from religion. I wanted to go to the mosque and madrassah for prayers and recitation of the Holy Quran, but the teachers there did not allow me inside, and the common people used to make fun of me. Some would even ask, ‘why have you come to the mosque; will you spoil the prayers of others also?

Speaking with tears welling up in her eyes, Shama Jan said:

I was influenced by Maulana Tariq Jameel and was attracted to the service of religion. I am very much impressed by him. He has shown the way of forgiveness to sinners like us. He invites all towards religion. That is why I have now established the first madrassah inside my house.

Teachings inside the Madrassah

The services of a Qari Sahib can be obtained in the madrassah. The Qari Sahib delivers basic teachings of the religion, including prayers and fasting. The methods of Wudu and Ghusl, good behavior towards others, good deeds, and tolerance, are explained and taught.

Previous Madrassah for Transgenders

A religious madrassah for transgender people was previously set up by Anusha Tahir Butt, a woman working for the welfare of the transgender community. Speaking to a media outlet, Anusha Tahir Butt said:

At present, various NGOs are working for the welfare of transgender people. However, along with these initiatives, I have focused on the religious education of the community. One of the main reasons for their involvement in such activities as dancing and begging was that they were not given any opportunity to get religious education. At the madrassah, they study the Holy Quran, and meals are provided to those receiving religious education.

Hopefully, these initiatives will help transgender people receive proper guidance and education.

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  • A very positive step indeed….
    I hear there is always a big line up of people outside who want to be a teacher.

  • This is so good, they are people of our society and have no control over what their gender is, we must respect them and get them every facility, privilege, and right as any one of us enjoys.

  • بلاول کو بھی دینی تعلیم حاصل کرنے کہ لئے اس مدرسے میں داخلہ لینا چاہئے

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