In another heart-wrenching incident, madrassah teacher beats 5-year-old orphan to death

Recently, a video went viral on social media, which drew public attention to the horrendous crime that took place in Pindi Bhattiyan.

In a tragic incident, a 5-year-old orphan boy was killed by a Madrassa teacher for not remembering his lesson.

Recently, a video went viral on social media, which drew public attention to the horrendous crime that took place in Pindi Bhattiyan.

In the video, the cleric is seen beating an innocent 5-year old kid brutally. He punched the boy, thrashed him, and kick him several times in the stomach.

According to the victim’s mother, my son was sick for the last three days. When he got a little better, he asked me that he wanted to go to the Madrassah as his teacher is very strict.

She added, “After one hour since my son left for Madrassah, a kid came running to our house and told me that the teacher had been hitting my child.

The mother was also threatened by a local leader to sign the reconcile letter or suffer the consequences.

The government should take comprehensive actions to avert such incidents, and the police should take stern action against the person involved.


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  • اصل سزا کےمستحق جج صاحبان اور پولیس والے ہیں۔ یاد رہے کہ جب تک یہ واقعہ کسی جج یا اعلی پولیس والے کی فیملی میں نہیں ہو گا اس وقت تک عدلیہ اور پولیس حرکت میں نہیں آئیں گے۔ حکومت اور اسٹیبلشمنٹ تو ویسے ہی بقول شیخ رشید ” ستو پی کر سوے ہوے ہیں

  • Please CORRECT that this is NOT Pakistan. This video is in HINDI language and its somewhere in India?? or Bangladesh??. ?????????

  • یہ فیک وڈیو تھی جو کسی عرب ملک کی ہے خونی لبرل نے یہ پوسٹ کی تھی

    • I am not sure about the video , but this little kid beaten to death by Madrassa molvi in 2019 near pindi bhattian . In photos little kid back was complete blue due continuous hitting by stick . Allah is molvi ko aise mout de.He was later arrested but God knows what happened after that . These monsters get bail easily from courts .

  • بہت افسوس اور دل دہلا دینے والا واقعہ ہے
    اللہ ہمیں ہدایت دے، یہ کیا ہو گیا ہے ہمارے معاشرے کو
    سب کو، خاص طور پر ہمارے بچوں کو اللہ اپنی حفظ و امان میں رکھے، آمین

  • یہ جو لوگ کہہ رہے ہیں کہ یہ واقعہ پاکستان کا نہیں بلکہ انڈیا یا بنگلہ دیش کا ہے,ہمارا ملک کہ مولوی صاحبان بھی بلکل اسی طرح کہ درندہ صفت ہی ہیں کوئ خاص فرق نہیں ہے. ہمارے مدرسوں میں بھی تو آۓ روز بچوں کے ساتھ زیادتی کے واقعات ہوتے ہیں, لگتا ہے کہ مولوی نہیں بلکہ کوئ ملعون ہو بلکل.


    This incident and video related to Bangladesh, i watched this video BanglaNews channel few days ago, where Govt also taken action against the teacher.

    Stop spreading gake news against Pakistan and Madarsas.

    • In your country madrassas children get molested as well, are you un aware or just trying to ignore the filthy uncharacteristic work of our molanas(malaoons)?

  • kash ky koi ais molvi ka koi aata pata bata dy….. ais ko straight goli maar dayni chayea , foran …. aik din bhe ais ka zinda rahna sahi nahi

    • Mjy hairat h un logo py jo esy waqiyat per b laughing emoji py click krtt hn. Kya esy log insaniyat se paak hen? Aur dusri baat yeh k agr video pakistan ki nhi b hai toh b bcha toh pakistan ka he mara gya h na . molvi ny bcha mara toh hai na

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