Malaysia’s Mahathir Mohamad stands by his Kashmir comments despite India’s palm oil ban

Mahathir Mohamad calls Malaysian palm oil by Indian traders as a 'trade war'.



Is the world going to witness another intense trade war? Malaysian Prime Minister Mahathir Mohamad indicates so. Malaysian palm oil, one of the top exports of the country are banned by traders, the friction continues to intensify. 

But despite India’s top vegetable oil trading body requesting its members to stop purchasing Malaysian palm oil due to its pro-Pakistan stance, Mahathir stands by his comments on the Kashmir issue. Mahathir said that despite the step, he will not shy away from his criticism of Indian aggression in Kashmir.

“We speak our minds, and we don’t retract or change,” Mahathir told the reporters outside the parliament.

“What we are saying is we should all abide by resolutions of the [United Nations]. Otherwise, what is the use of the UN?”

‘The trade war is a two-way thing’

“This is not the Indian government, so we have to find out how we can communicate with these people because trade is a two-way thing and it is bad to have what amounts to a trade war,” Mahathir further added.

He stood by his stance on Kashmir despite its palm oil facing the crisis as demand from India deteriorates. In 2018, India was Malaysia’s third-largest export destination for palm oil and palm-based products. The worth if the export 6.84 billion Malaysian ringgit ($1.63bn).

Malaysia’s accumulated exports to India amounted up to $10.8bn in the fiscal year that concluded on March 31st. According to Indian government data, the imports totalled $6.4bn. In a bid to ease the trade tensions, Malaysia added that it is considering to raise imports of raw sugar and buffalo meat from India.

India is the world’s biggest importer of edible oils. It buys palm oil from Indonesia, soybean oil from Argentina and Brazil, and sunflower oil from Ukraine.

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