Video | Don’t Compare Me With Mahira Khan: Aiman Khan

Aiman Khan doesn't want you to compare her with Mahira Khan. Here's why.

Aiman Khan recently dethroned Mahira Khan as the most followed Pakistani celebrity on Instagram, but for just a few hours.

Aiman Khan clicked the 5.9 million mark becoming the most followed Pakistani celebrity. However, hours later, Mahira Khan’s Instagram followers count equaled Aiman.

The two beautiful actresses are now tied at 5.9 million followers. After the news of Aiman Khan becoming the most followed Pakistani celebrity went viral, people started making comparisons between her and Mahira Khan.

But the Baandi actress doesn’t want to be compared with the likes of the Raees star. Speaking during an Instagram live session, Aiman Khan said that she had no idea about being the most followed Pakistani celebrity on Instagram.

She added that it was actually her sister, Minal Khan, who told her about it.

“Mahira Khan is a superstar. I feel bad being compared with her,” Aiman Khan said.

Her husband, Muneeb Butt, also agreed that there shouldn’t be any comparison between his Aiman and Mahira.

Watch The Video Here:

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