Mahira Khan To Ali Zafar | Celebrities post photos of how they will look as the ‘opposite gender’

The FaceApp has returned to kill the quarantine boredom!

To deal with the stress of isolation and social distancing, people across the country have resorted to following different social media trends, while others have gone back to fun apps that have been viral in the past. One such app that has regained popularity now is FaceApp that was first launched in 2017.

FaceApp’s gender-swapping filter is easily the most prominent social media trend sweeping the internet right now because the results it generates can be freakishly realistic and hilarious at the same time. The app introduced this new filter just last week, and already, it has caused internet frenzy.

Interestingly, people have taken the experimenting to the next level, and a number of celebrities have received the gender-swap treatment.  Thanks to the sense of humor of our Pakistanis, that they have shared these hilarious pictures with the rest of us.

Listed up in this post we have pictures of our favorite celebrities who have got the Gender-swap treatment. We bet these pictures will make your day.

Scroll on and enjoy!

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  • Oh woow so if they changed their sex they will look like this!!!  What informative information. Thank you sir

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