[WATCH] Mahira Khan and Asim Azhar’s dance video is making rounds on the internet

....for all the right reasons!

While Pakistani celebrities are eagerly waiting to get back on the set and start shooting, meanwhile their fans are making do with all the throwback pictures and videos that are raining on social media.

We recently got our hands on a video that is making rounds on the internet where Pakistani superstar Mahira Khan and popular singer Asim Azhar are seen dancing, and it is a sight for sore eyes. Both the stars are dancing on the song ‘Noori’.

We all have seen Mahira Khan’s dance performances at different shows, and we know how good she is at dancing!

But did you know Asim Azhar is such a good dancer apart from being a good singer?

Check out the video here:

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  • This is pure un islamic and should be discouraged. No wonder Allah(swt) is punishing us all. I agree with the earlier comment that these are all “kanjars”

  • Phir yeh log mukhalfat krty hain Ertugrul ki.
    No talent, no hard work and no common sense.

    Just fahashi and enjoyment.

    Imagine iska aik beta hai, wo kya seekhta hoga is se aur bara ho k kya bane ga. Pathetic.

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