Mahira Khan Was Not The First Pakistani Heroine Choice For ‘Raees’

It was Iman Ali instead!

Iman Ali has revealed that she was offered the role in ‘Raees’ before it went to Mahira Khan. The model recently appeared as a guest on ‘Say It All with Iffat Omar’.

She was sharing her personal and professional experiences when Iffat asked Iman if she was offered the role in the movie ‘Raees’ to work with Shahrukh Khan, to which she replied ‘Yes’.

When asked why she didn’t do the film, Iman said that when she got the offer, she asked to read the script first. Maybe the director didn’t like that and selected another Pakistani actress.

Speaking about her career, Iman Ali said that Allah is the reason for her respect. She added that working in a Bollywood film is not important to her and neither is it a determinator for success. Iman said that her rule in life is to do what gives her inner peace, respect, and satisfaction.

Iman Ali is a famous Pakistani model/actress. She has faced many obstacles in her life and has worked hard to get where she is today.

She shared her journey in her recent interview. Have a look:

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