Mahira Khan Finally Breaks Her Silence On ‘Smoking With Ranbir’ Controversy And Breaks A Surprise News

Pakistani Heartthrob Mahira Khan made the first public appearance after the controversy involving her and Ranbir Kapoor set the entire social media on fire.
She has been completely irresponsive and inert during all the frenzy and made a comeback on twitter a few days ago without mentioning anything about what happened and the hate she received.

However, she made a powerful entry in front of the public on L’oreal’s Grand Reveal at L’oreal Bridal Week 2017 yesterday. Not only did she walk out confidently and give an impression that she is absolutely unbreakable, she sent a strong message in her speech on the event as well.

Mahira ironically referred to everything that has happened, saying that it’s been a while since she has gone out in public. Mahira, in her speech, said that life consists of ups and downs. She said that through these trials and tribulations and mistakes we make, we learn.
She further said let nobody’s opinions define who you are, and if someone tries to do that just preserve your individuality and be yourself. She concluded by saying that in the end all women, including Mahira, are worth it.

She said that she is proud of being the first Pakistani to become the Brand Ambassador of L’oreal, an established international makeup brand. Loreal shares a unique vision and has diverse brand ambassadors including big names such as Jennifer Lopez and Gong Li, and Mahira’s inclusion in their representatives shows that she definitely is recognized as an international figure with the equal caliber to these women.

Her speech showed immense determination and strength that she has regained after facing the public for the first time after the controversy. The audience at the event was also very welcoming and supportive to her as well.

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