Mahira Khan Talks To BBC About Her Experience With Harassment In The Industry

Bin Roye star Mahira Khan spoke to BBC World while promoting her new film, telling theme and bottom line of the story. Mahira is playing a rape survivor in her upcoming film Verna along with Haroon Shahid who is starring as her husband. 

The script and Mahira’s role are pretty powerful and are certain to create a lasting impact, that can be well guessed from the trailer. The movie is aimed at raising awareness about sexual harassment and motivate more women to speak about it.

While talking to BBC and being asked about her personal encounters of harassment in the media industry, Mahira told that she hasn’t been a victim. She further said that it wasn’t her ‘conduct’ that prevented her from being harassed or she, in no way, is superior to her colleagues, she has only been lucky.

Mahira further spoke about the double standards that exist within the society, saying that one of the main reasons she hasn’t been a victim is because she started acting at a comparatively mature age when she had a child as well. She said that unfortunately, people victimize those who are vulnerable and are hesitant to raise their voice, which means that teens in the industry are mostly subjected to this inhumane behavior.

Mahira also highlighted a crucial point saying that woman’s dress or conduct doesn’t give someone authority to harass her. The sole reason for harassment is harasser himself and nothing else.
Verna is set to release on November 17. The movie is directed by Shoaib Mansoor which is why it has high hopes associated with it as the director has created masterpieces like ‘Khuda k Liye’ and ‘Bol’ in the past.

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