Mainstream media channel accused of stealing an artist’s artwork and branding it under their name

I am knocking your door with a hope that FIA will try to sustain its sanctity and will deliver to me my due justice- Mirza Firoz


A person named MIR Mirza Firoz has reached out to to share his narrative as to how a famous media outlet and DJ Abbas Bashi have stolen his artwork, Mukhtarya.

Feroz Stated:

Respected Authorities,

“My name is Mir Hamza Firoz and currently I am residing in Lahore. I am no one but a layman whose artwork, MUKHTARYA has been stolen by a person named DJ Abbas Bashi and 92 NEWS.

I made a rendition in the context of the telephonic conversation of Nadeem Afzal Chan to make people aware of the outbreak of COVID-19 on April the 8th and uploaded on Facebook. On April the 11th, I uploaded this rendition on YouTube as well.

The culprit, Abbas Hashmi aka DJ Abbas Bashi, stole my work and released it on YouTube and mainstream media on the 22nd of April, 2020. I do not know this person and it was quite heart wrenching for me that someone stole my work just to be famous and earn money. When I approached him through his mobile number, he accepted that he stole my work from social media. However later on , he denied the allegation and showed reluctance to give me my due credit. It is quite unfortunate that news channels like 92 News, C42, and Neo News have shared the song and gave him projection on the mainstream media.

Currently, the culprit Abbas Bashi has started intimidating me on my WhatsApp after receiving his due criticism from the public for stealing my artwork. The culprit is of the view that I am urging people to call him the thief of my artwork. He used abusive language against me and I can share with you as well.

Here I am sharing with you the links of FACEBOOK and YOUTUBE along with the date of PUBLISHMENT so that you may get an idea regarding the authenticity of my claim.

1- The link of Facebook which I uploaded on 8th April 2020

I believe in the respect of every personality out there, wether a CHAN or Mukhatara of the society, but here the word "MUKHTARA" has been used in the context of Symbolism. Owing to the outbreak of the COVID-19, the government is striving to keep MUKHTARAS(common man) inside their homes but people are reluctant to do so…. Nevertheless, we as a nation have to fight against the menace of this virus by avoiding the virus.Stay insideStay safePakistan ZindabaadKeep smiling Like and share…. #Covid_19#lol

Posted by Mir Hamza on Tuesday, April 7, 2020

2- Here is the link of YOUTUBE, uploaded on April 11


Respected sir, just compare all these links and find out the truth.
I, MIR HAMZA FEROZ, have no hope to get justice but FIA. I am knocking your door with a hope that FIA will try to sustain its sanctity and will deliver to me my due justice. This video should be either removed or the culprit media groups and the singer must give me my due credit and compensation.”

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  • I am glad that you have taken a stand for your right and I agree this is the right approach to call out the thieves.. I enjoyed your work and there is no comparison between his and your work .. You own this piece and it comes across in your clip.. Wish you the very best.. You have scored a new fan..

  • This is horrible
    i have no respect for 92 news after this
    stealing someone’s work is not acceptable at all

  • This is ridiculous. Now that they have stolen it, this channel must show a little audacity to admit their fault.

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