How mainstream media portrays an image of complete doom and gloom regarding the economy: Report

The editorial made various comparisons between Khurram's articles with the factual information.

Recently, an article circulating in the political circles highlighted that the Journalist and editor of Dawn’s business section, Khurram Husain, holds the apparent bias against the current government.

The editorial made various comparisons between Khurram’s articles with the factual information.

The article Published the the blogging website named ,’Fact Checking Pakistani Media,’ stated that in 2018, Pakistan’s economy was on the verge of default. The previous government initiated slight policy adjustments in 2017 when they realized that they would not last until the 2018 elections without them.

“Since emerging victorious in 2018, the PTI government has initiated decisive economic reforms that required various difficult decisions to shift economic policy from unwary import-led growth to long-term, sustainable growth.

After a regular economic slowdown, the country’s economy has finally started to show promising signs of improvement. However, there is still a particular segment within the mainstream media that portrays complete doom and gloom regarding the economy.

A prime example of this is Khurram Husain. Being the leading English daily, Dawn uses a specific influence on the discourse among the country’s educated class, which influences the rest of the population’s perception.

Husain writes a weekly editorial in the newspaper, mostly focusing on the economy. The saddest part about his writing is the apparent bias that he holds against the current government.

Rather than present facts regarding the economy so that the audience can easily understand, with each piece of writing, Khurram only fulfills his goal of opposing and criticizing the government, or instead Prime Minister Imran Khan in particular.

The journalist’s bias goes so deep that he is often found contradicting himself only to go out of his way to disparage the PM and his economic team. In fact, the only thing consistent in his views is the sheer determination to prove the government wrong.

In achieving that goal, Husain often makes glaring mistakes due to a fundamental lack of understanding of economics.”

Khurram Husain also responded to the article, saying:

However, social media users have different views on the issue. Some people are criticizing Khurram, while others, including the opposition, have been appreciating him for his work.

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