Majority out-of-school enrolled students in KP are fake, reports Ansar Abbasi

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The KP chief minister was informed by its own agency ESEF (Elementary and Secondary Education Foundation) that among 41,000 out-of-school children that were enrolled in the targeted six districts of the province till 2017, 21000 were fake enrollments. It was also revealed that out of a total of 90 schools established in just one district as part of the same program, 70 were found to be ghost schools.

Under IFTVS (Iqra Farogh-e-Taleem Voucher Scheme), the provincial government was found to be funding millions of rupees to fake enrollments and ghost schools. The money was going from the public kitty without conducting any audit. Ever since PTI launched this scheme back in 2014 for addressing the concern of out-of-school children. Under this scheme, each student was funded around Rs 1100 per month.

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Ziaullah Bangash, Adviser to Chief Minister KP and Chairman of ESEF Board, told The News that MD was suspended because he failed to achieve the targets defined and showed no performance. He further told the reporting source that the government was trying ti tackle the issue of our-of-school children but MD was not releasing funds under IFTVS schemes.

He also said that the suspended MD was talking about corruption in the department and was also trying to approach National Accountability Bureau (NAB) – which was not his job. He also added that he was unilaterally taking all the decisions and was disliked even by most of his sub-ordinates.

It was also reported that previously MD also wrote to government to initiate probe against some officers, some of whom were suspended by him as well, but got no response.

“Despite the hostile environment, I have achieved my target of enrollment of 130,000 out-of-school children for 2018, cleared the backlog of payments of Rs350 million after suspending DF in Feb 2018, saved ESEF a huge loss of Rs200 million by taking different internal control measures, development of policies and rules is in process, hired A.F.Ferguson & Co (Chartered Accountants) for audit and a good Legal Adviser to contest the cases of ESEF which is under heavy litigation and has lost numerous cases.” – MD wrote in his August 2018 letter to the government. 

~ via | The News  | Ansar Abbasi

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