Malala Comes To Pakistan: Trending On Twitter AGAIN – See What People Have To Say

It’s safe to say that one of the most controversial personalities that Pakistan has ever seen is Malala Yousafzai, the same girl who survived a Taliban attack, represented Pakistan on multiple platforms and brought Nobel Prize home.The nation has always been confused between what she stood for, and the endorsement she received from foreign media and authorities. The appreciation led to her being labelled a traitor and agent. One of the elements where the people criticized her was why she never came back to the country that she claims to represent. So, of course, when after years of wait people received the news that Malala is finally coming home, people couldn’t contain their emotions.

Malala is in Pakistan until 2nd April and is expected to meet important authoritative figures including the Prime Minister. She will participate in the events and talk about promotion of education in the deprived areas of Pakistan. Malala addressed the nation and just like us, she couldn’t hold her feelings and broke down into tears during her address at the Prime Minister’s office saying ‘I can’t believe that I have returned to my homeland’.

The general public, as well as the prominent stakeholders, took to social media to welcome Malala back home. They say that her return despite what she faced and the threat she’s still under is a defeat to extremist forces.

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On the other hand, there were people who still couldn’t appreciate her for everything she has achieved so far and kept repeating the same thing that we have continuously heard during the past years.

Although she faced an intense backlash and has always been under the criticism umbrella of Pakistani people, she still continued to work on her mission with determination. This does ask for a lot of courage.

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