PM Khan didn’t respond to my letter regarding Women Rights in Afghanistan, Says Malala

Malala recently appeared in Dawn's news program, 'Live with Adil Shahzeb.'

In a recent interview, the Nobel Peace Prize laureate, and education activist Malala Yousafzai, said that she hadn’t received any response from Prime Minister Khan regarding her letter about women’s rights in Afghanistan.

Malala recently appeared in Dawn’s news program, ‘Live with Adil Shahzeb.’ During the conversation, she said, “I wrote a letter to the prime minister about women’s rights in Afghanistan but so far have not received any response.”

Host Adil Shahzeb questioned Malala on girls’ education, a cause she has been advocating for many years. In response, she expressed her worry over the situation in Afghanistan.

Malala said, “The current temporary confinement on girls’ education in Afghanistan shouldn’t be as long as in their (Taliban’s) first tenure in the government when the ban extended for five years.

She continued,” I feared something similar. We do not want a repeat of their previous rule.”

In response to a question about Pakistan’s role in girls’ education in Afghanistan, she said, “I am very hopeful that PM Khan would champion [the cause]. She urged the Prime Minister to push the Taliban to guarantee female education and women’s rights in Afghanistan.

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  • ملالہ ۔۔۔۔ کیا بتانا پسند کروگی کہ ایسا کوئی لیٹر تم نے کشمیر میں خواتین کے حقوق سے ۔متعلق مودی کو بھی لکھا

  • first tell me k NATO ne jo 20 saal mein Afghanistan mein hazaroo laakho masoom bacho, maao,, behnoo, betioo buzurgo, jawano ko bombing ker k qatal keeya, kya tum ne un k khilaaf koi protest keeya, koi tweet ke, koi letter likha, kisi speech mein apna mou khola?

    • Her claim to fame is the noble peace price. Khan’s fame to claim is cricket and courting ladies out of wedlock.

      • she is drama queen noble prize what did she did to get noble prize ? i think if anyone deserved the noble prize from Pakistan was Abdul Sattar Edhi but he didnt get and Malala got the prize by doing nothing lol and i hope u know why she got

  • فارغ ہے کیا ؟ کرائے کے بیرونی پالتوئوں کو جواب نہیں دیتا

  • Do you have money like the convicted criminal Arif Naqvi of Abraaj or Aneel Mussarat? If not your letter does not need to be dignified by Khan.

  • Does she not know Pm Imran Khan is Pakistan’s Pm not Afghanistan. Did she ask Americans when they were in afghanistan 20 years she is talking western propaganda. She needs to come to back Pakistan and do something for Women.

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