Malaysia follows Indonesia in not allowing its citizens to visit Mecca and Medina for the annual pilgrimage

"I hope the pilgrims stay patient and accept the decision," Religious Minister


Malaysia has decided not to allow its citizens to make the annual Hajj pilgrimage this year due to concerns over COVID-19.

While speaking to a news channel, the Malaysian Religious Affairs Minister, Zulkifli Mohamad Al-Bakri, said, Malaysia decided to ban its citizens from performing the haj pilgrimage this year due to the risks of contracting the coronavirus.”

“I hope the pilgrims stay patient and accept the decision,” the Religious Minister said.

In a separate announcement, the Tabung Haji board – which manages savings plans for prospective pilgrims – said the decision would affect more than 31,000 people selected to make the trip this year.

Saudi Arabia has postponed the haj and umrah pilgrimages until further notice to restrain the coronavirus spread. However, the country has begun easing some restrictions on movement and travel.

Last week, Indonesia, the world’s most populous Muslim country, stated the haj’s cancellation for up to 221,000 pilgrims this year.

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