Malaysia to import Halal food from Pakistan

Malaysian businessmen are showing interest in importing Halal food from Pakistan. CEO of Antahraya, Rosin AlRehman, expressed the desire while visiting RCCI (Chambers of Commerce and Industry). He was heading the six members delegation of Malaysian business community.

Rosin, speaking on the occasion, said that the visit is in line with Prime Minister Imran Khan’s offer for Malaysians to visit and explore business opportunities in Pakistan. He said that the intention of the visit is to consider opportunities and business collaborations in the spheres of Timer, Glass, SMEs (Small and medium-sized enterprises) and Halal food.

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He said he has seen charm and potential in Pakistan’s Halal food market and is sure that a lot of untapped areas can be touched upon, assuring profit for both the partners.

“Halal Foods is a big market and Malaysia is importing Halal meat from non-Muslim countries including India. We want to export Halal meat from Pakistan, a brother Muslim country, and we had visited different local food companies for possible joint ventures in Halal food” – he said.

He also highlighted that there are other avenues (tourism, timber, glass and other sectors) as well where both Muslim countries can collaborate, setting new precedents. He showed hope that both countries will jointly work in near future.

Muhammad Fayyaz Qureshi, Acting President of RCCI, welcomed the delegation to Pakistan in his opening speech. He stated that Pakistan has ‘favorable environment for foreign direct investment (FDIs)’. With welcoming the delegation and appreciating Pakistan’s potential to work jointly on new ventures in future, he said that both countries should explore opportunities which exist in all the spheres. He specifically stressed that Malaysian businesses and Pakistan together should tap the food sector.

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