‘Malicious media campaign,’ PMC denies news of Pakistani medical graduates not being able to work in the US from 2024

Pakistan Medical Commission (PMC) has denied the news that Pakistani medical graduates might not be able to work in the United States from 2024.

Recently, news hit the internet that put Pakistani doctors and students in a panic. Many news outlets claimed that the country’s medical graduates may not be able to practice in the US after 2024. People urged PMC to take quick measures on the issue, and get the required WFME accreditation.

In a press release, the PMC has clarified the situation, saying that all countries need to have their WFME accreditation renewed periodically.

'Malicious media campaign,' PMC denies news of Pakistani medical graduates not being able to work in the US from 2024

PMC Press Release

Now, the Commission has remarked that Pakistan was due for revalidation by March 2022, but it was not possible due to COVID-19. WFME then extended the revalidation dates, which means that the country is now due by the month of March 2024.

PMC further added that till the date of revalidation, Pakistan’s MBBS is recognized internationally and the graduates can sit through USMLE or other international licensing exams. Similarly, Pakistani doctors working in North America should continue to do so, as their degree is recognized by WFME.

WFME will be over the next 6 to 12 months evaluating the PMC and its recognized medical colleges to complete the recognition process, on completion of which Pakistan will be able to obtain the WFME recognition in 2023, well before the 2024 deadline.

In 2019, the PMDC revised the accreditation standards, which were based on WFME’s standards of 2015. Then, in 2020, WFME issued new standards, which were kept as a baseline when the new accreditation standards of PMC were prepared.

PMC has issued these two standards:

  1. Applying for revalidation inspection of WFME
  2. Revising the accreditation standards of 2019, in light of the new standards


A basic summary of everything that has been stated above is that Pakistan’s medical degree is currently recognized by WFME and its member countries, and it will stay that way until March 2024. It will be recognized beyond that time period once the revalidation inspection is over, which will be in 2023.

Misleading news

Further adding to the matter, PMC labeled it ‘unfortunate’ that such ‘malicious’ news is being spread by prolific newspapers. The Medical Commission said that many false statements have been attributed to un-named government sources, whose main purpose has been to create unrest amongst Pakistani doctors and students.

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