Malik Riaz Chronicle: SBP says it is ‘unaware of the account in which NCA deposited £190 million”

It still remains a mystery.

The fate of 190 million pounds recovered by the United Kingdom’s National Crime Agency (NCA) from Malik Riaz as a result of the settlement still remains a mystery. Even the Deputy Governor of State Bank of Pakistan, Jamil Ahmad, had no answer to a question pertaining to the aforementioned amount during a meeting of the Senate Standing Committee on Finance.

Responding to a question, the SBP’s Deputy Governor stated that he has no information about the account in which the money recovered from the property tycoon was deposited.

“SBP Deputy Governor Jamil Ahmad said that Pakistan has received 190 million pounds from United Kingdom’s NCA in the National Bank of Pakistan (NBP) but was unaware of the account wherein the money was deposited,” reported Business Recorder.

Member of the Senate Standing Committee on Finance, Senator Mushahid Ullah, expressed displeasure over his reply. He said that the deputy governor is not answering their questions with regard to the recovered money, despite that the Senate Standing Committee is an extension of the Parliament.

The Senator from Pakistan Muslim League Nawaz also quizzed the deputy governor about $450 million inflows into the SBP during Nawaz Sharif’s departure from the country, which fueled debate of a deal between the government and the former PM. He also asked whether SBP has been purchasing dollars from the market or not.

Jamil Ahmed termed Senator Mushahid’s statement of SBP purchasing 200 million dollars from the market every week as inaccurate. He added that the State Bank purchase dollars from the market if there is an opportunity.

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    • Yes, but it is very unfortunate trend set by national accountability Beauro who is unaware the facts and circumstances, not mention the name of looter from whom this amount was recover, anyway, it is good sign that Pakistan has recover something from….

  • There is confusion in the story being circulated in press. It is strange that things are being projected by different people to fool people of Pakistan.

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