Malik Riaz’s grandson Zoraiz Malik’s mother makes shocking claims against model Alyzeh Gabol [SCREENSHOTS]

Aasia Aamer has come up with some shocking claims against Alyzeh Gabol.

Alyzeh Gabol and Zoraiz Malik’s story doesn’t seem to be coming to an end any time soon as more details have come to light recently regarding the relationship of the two.

Earlier this year, the actress and model announced her marriage but didn’t reveal the identity of her husband. Later, it turned out that her husband is none other than the nephew of the business tycoon, Malik Riaz.

Just a few months later, the rumours of the couple’s divorce started doing the rounds on social media. Later, Zoraiz Malik’s mother – Aasia Aamer – confirmed the divorce of her son.

She also shared a video on her Instagram in which Zoriaz can be seen signing the divorce papers.

Zoraiz Malik’s mother accusations

Aasia Aamer has once again come up some shocking claims against the model and actress. She shared screenshots of a conversation between two unknown men.

Although, Aasia Aamer deleted the screenshots but it had already gone viral. Just shortly after her accusations, Zoraiz Malik shared a selfie with Alyzeh Gabol on his Instagram.

Aasia Aamer didn’t stop there, she accused Gabol of being interested in their money. Furthermore, she also claimed that her son ran away with 20 crore rupees upon Alyzeh’s demand.

“Woman like her should be morally banned,” Aasia Aamer wrote.

According to rumours circulating on social media, despite being divorced, the couple are living in Dubai together. Moreover,  rumours of the Malik family disowning Zoraiz Malik are also circulating on social media.

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