‘The other side of the story’| Victims of the Zobia Meer case SPEAK OUT

According to reports, the conflict occurred over a financial and property dispute.

man beats mother

A shocking video has emerged on social media, showing a man beating his old mother. The horrific incident took place in Sadiqabad, Pakistan.

According to reports, the conflict occurred over a financial and property dispute that ended up with a son beating his own mother and sister, while his wife just stood by.

A video statement from a girl named Zoobia Meer has also been circulating on social media. She confirms that the man in the video is her brother, and the woman he is beating is their mother.


“My son has beaten me over a family dispute related to his wife,” claimed the mother in the video interview.

Zoobia Meer, in her video, said the police of Sadiqabad had not registered their FIR. However, a few minutes after her video went viral, the Rawalpindi police confirmed in a tweet that the law enforcement department registered the FIR against the accused and his wife.

Interview of Zoobia Meer’s Mother

Other side of a story

On the other hand, the man’s wife, Bismah, has released a video saying that Zoobia is her husband’s stepsister. She denied allegations that her husband (Arsalan) took away property documents from their home.

Bismah added the property belonged to her husband, and they have evidence. She alleged that Zoobia is spreading propaganda against them.

Bismah also claimed that she was six months pregnant, and her mother-in-law had tortured her a few days ago, while her husband Arsalan was in a state of intoxication when he attacked his mother.

If there are a thousand sides of a story, there is still no justification for physical violence and attacking someone defenseless.

No one can justify physical violence against anyone, let alone their own parents. No matter what the reason is, violence can never be justified.

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  • Property greed is bringing the worst out in people. Joint family system has become a curse.

  • it’s not right  to raise your hand on anybody, your mother,sister,wife or any person weaker than you. If you can’t do justice between your mother and wife, simply live separately rather than making situation worse. This matter should go in court and dealt accordingly for the both parties.

  • blaming daughter in law is common in pakistan but mostly mother in law are real culprits, it’s your son who is senseless enough to beat you but not live separately with his wife to keep situation cool.

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