Outcry after man beheads 17-year-old wife, shows up with the head in public in Iran

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Iran-A man has been arrested for beheading his 17-year-old wife in front of a crowd in Iran.

The horrific incident occurred on the 5th of February when a man beheaded his wife in front of many people. He was then seen wandering in the Iranian city with her head in his hands.

Sources have revealed that the young woman was killed over some family disputes with her husband, which prompted her to flee to Turkey. However, she was brought back to Iran by her husband. She was then beheaded with the help of her brother (husband’s brother-in-law).

Many videos and pictures of the man holding his wife’s severed head in one hand and a knife in the other while walking through the streets have gone viral on the internet.

The local police have arrested the husband and the victim’s brother after the incident.

The man is said to have posed with his wife’s head in Butcher Square in Ahwaz around 3 pm on Saturday. However, he escaped shortly after being photographed by witnesses.

After receiving reports of the incident, police launched a search operation and arrested the man a few hours later on the same day. According to police, the man said he killed his wife because of some “family problems.” Police have also recovered a woman’s body from a house.

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