India: Man, who was bitten by a snake, bit his wife’s wrist so they can die together

Interestingly, the wife survived!

In quite an interesting incident that happened last year, a man in India bit his wife’s wrist after getting attacked by a poisonous snake. He did this so that he can fulfil their final wish – to die together.

Shankar Rai was sleeping in his home in Samastipur district when he got attacked by the snake. By morning, his health started to deteriorate. Seeing this, he knew that he did not have enough time left. So he held his wife Amiri Devi’s hands and said he wanted them to be united in death.

He sunk his teeth into Amiri’s wrist so the venom would kill them both. The couple fell unconscious. The witnesses say that doctors arrived at the scene and rushed them to the hospital. The venom claimed Rai’s life but his wife was rescued in time.

‘’He told me he loved me too much and want to die together before grabbing my wrist and sinking his teeth into it. I allowed him to do so”, said Amiri.

‘’The woman could be saved as her treatment began on time. She is safe now’’, a local doctor said.

~ The story was originally published in Newsweek.

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  • What a selfish pathetic person. If wife would be bitten, he would be thinking about whom to marry next

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