Man from Chitral booked for taking photo of a Chinese man in hospital, spreading rumors about Coronavirus

The police lodged an FIR against him for spreading misinformation about Coronavirus through a Facebook post.



As the fear surrounding the deadly coronavirus increases, rumors about it just keep making it worse. A man from Chitral, Khyber Pakhtunkhwa has been booked for spreading misinformation about the virus on social media.

According to the available details, Irshad Mukarer, a resident of the Darosh area of Chitral posted a Facebook status creating panic about the disease. SHO of Darosh Police Station Wali Khan told that a Chinese man, who is working on the Lawi Hydro Power Project in Chitral, visited a local hospital after experiencing stomach pain.

Although the doctor prescribed him medicines for stomachache, Irshad captured his photo and posted it on social media claiming that he had coronavirus.

The post went viral, creating fear and panic among the locals. The police took notice of the incident and lodged FIR against Khan. On the other hand, Irshad denied sharing any Facebook post and said that the police is ‘twisting his words’. 

”I was visiting the hospital to meet my sick relative. I saw a Chinese man there and asked the doctors for his proper checkup and diagnoses”, he said.

Irshad is currently on pre-arrest bail. Coronavirus continues to create fear as WHO (World Health Organization) declares it a global health emergency.

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