[VIDEO] Man confesses to sexually abusing his own daughter with brother and neighbor

He did not commit the sinful act alone but allowed his brother, Amjad, and neighbor, Arham, to participate.

In Pakistan, most child abuse cases are reported in Kasur. Reports state that the most vulnerable groups of kids are boys between the ages of six and fifteen and girls who are either infants or between the ages of sixteen and eighteen.

Previous incidents of child abuse highlighted how strangers preyed on minors; however, the recent installation of child abuse in Kasur has proven that children are not even safe from blood relatives.

The residents of Gunjiyan village, Kasur, have committed the most shocking case of incest. A man named Ajmal sexually abused his fifteen-year-old daughter for four months. He did not commit the sinful act alone but allowed his brother, Amjad, and neighbor, Arham, to participate.

Four years ago, Ajmal had separated from his wife, after which he lived with one of his four daughters. While speaking to a media outlet, Ajmal said:

After the divorce, my wife left one daughter with me while she took the other three. I don\\’t know what happened to me, but I started sexually abusing her four months ago, along with my brother and neighbor. My younger brother used to go first, then it used to be my turn and lastly came our neighbor.

Ajmal\\’s family knew all about his sinful act, but no one stopped him.

Constant sexual abuse soon took over the young girl\\’s body, and she fell seriously ill. After seeing the girl\\’s poor condition, Ajmal\\’s sister intervened and took the fifteen-year-old to her home. However, that didn\\’t stop Ajmal from coming over and continuing to abuse his daughter.


It should be noted that everyone in the village knew about the sinful act being committed in Ajmal\\’s home. However, no one stepped up to save the minor or inform the police.

One day, the girl got a chance and gathered enough courage to escape. She ran to her grandfather, who involved the police after listening to her narrative.

Ajmal said:

If she had not escaped, we would have continued to abuse her.

It should be noted that in 2017, Pakistan\\’s penal code was amended to address the endemic problem of child abuse. Laws were tightened concerning child pornography, exposure of a child to seduction, and child sexual abuse. Child-friendly courts were set up in parts of the country. However, reports of heinous incidents continue to rise.

Human Rights Organizations believe that not enough is being done to save the children. Manizeh Bano, Sahil\\’s executive director, said:

Our laws are undoubtedly strong enough for convictions in child abuse cases. The problem remains with implementation. However, there are still no counselors to take care of a child\\’s psychological needs or staff trained to speak with trauma victims.

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  • he confessed let’s see how soon he will be given and executed the death sentence.
    justice delayed is justice denied.

    • His confession in this video (true or false) has no worth in the court. Even I don’t believe much what I watch on such videos let alone for a judge. When charged, he will deny this crime. Only a confession before a judicial magistrate with several legal requirements and protocols is deemed as a part of evidence.

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  • Our media broadcast Sexually fueled content day and night on TV. What do you except sexually deprived people to act? It’s like every store selling drugs and you expect people to not to use it. Since the media freedom, Rape cases, divorces increased 500%

  • They all should be hanged publicly and set a horrible example for other people…..
    I find no word…..??
    How a father can do this…….

  • اس طرح کی ساری یا اکثریتی حرام توپیاں اس قصور اور اسکے آ س پا س کے علاقوں میں ہی کیوں ہوتی ہیں

  • Qusoor mein q hota hai ziada yeh !!! yeh business hai , child pornography ka. Shahid Masood sai bol rha tha

  • Lanat ho!!! We sitting out of Pakistan have an imaginary country we love with.. A big segment of this nation has turned into rascals.. Not in Europe you will find that much ghalazat.. Sometimes feel these kafirs are better than Pakistani nation. Yes if they say kalma then there overall character is way better on average..
    Love Pakistan but hate the people.. I seriously started hating you guys

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  • Pakistani society has completely destroyed & demoralized for lack of rule of law.
    Last 30 years of misrule has transformed the society in to a jungle & people in to animals.
    Jungle rule is prevailing as people became animals…very soon cases will surface or may be already happening where Sons are Raping own Mothers. Brothers are raping Sisters.

    What a disgusting society…Imams, Maulvis, Teachers involved in raping students….wah Pakistan wah…

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