Man forced to handover his daughter to pay debt of Rs 1500 in Jacobabad

In another horrifying incident emerging from Sindh’s Jacobabad, man appeals for help from the authorities as he is being forced to hand over his daughter to pay off deft of mere Rs 1500.

This is not the first time the case of this nature has emerged from the province. Earlier a man handed over his eight years old daughter to an elderly landlord as compensation against a loan worth Rs 100,000 in Tando Bago town of Sindh.

Father of the minor, Achar Machhi, speaking to the media said that he had handed over his daughter as mortgage after having failed to pay back the loan he had taken from the landlord. The police later raided the house and recovered the girl.

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”He says I owe them Rs 500,000 now. In case I fail to pay, I have to give my daughter. He threatens that if I don’t give her away willfully, he will attack my home and kidnap her” – he said speaking to the media. 

He requested the concerned authorities to help him and also appealed Prime Minister Imran Khan that he can’t pay the huge amount and is afraid for his daughter in this situation of helplessness.

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