Man forcibly marries 10-year-old in Chitral, photo goes viral on social media

The culprit was arrested and the child bride was sent home.

CHITRAL: A 29-year-old man married a 10-year-old girl last week in the Yarkhoon valley located in Chitral. The girl’s mother was allegedly involved in this forced marriage.

Reportedly, the father of the girl had tried to file an FIR but failed upon the refusal of the local police. The incident gained traction on social media after about 5 days, following which the local police and the Child Marriage Bureau got involved.

The culprit was arrested and the child bride was sent home. The verdict decided that the child is to stay at her home till she does her matriculation.

Many religious clerics came to the defense of the culprit, labeling it a “consensual” marriage. They also claimed that the child looked happy in the pictures and so the marriage was a happy one. They insisted that the two be allowed to live together.

Child marriages are still prevalent in the country, especially in underdeveloped areas with little educational facilities.

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  • Thats why it’s important mosques maddrissa and molvies are trained and regulated before they allowed to speak to speak cant just get a beard and start teaching and lecturing children and community’s.

  • Kaise jahalat hai 10 saal ki larki ki shaadi krdi aur uper sa keh rahey hein k larki kush nazar aa rahi hai

  • Well let’s be honest as per sharia, he didn’t do anything wrong although this is disgusting but sharia does allow it just like when hazrat aisha r.a married to rasoolAllah s.a.w – I don’t condone such marriages but I can’t act like hypocrite either.

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