Feroze Khan reacts to Farhad’s ‘fan’ who sits at Shams Tabriz’s shrine every day to ‘win his love’ [VIDEO]

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Everybody is familiar with the Pakistani spiritual-romance series Khuda Aur Mohabbat. The drama shows a journey of a man from ‘Virtual Love’ to ‘Real Love.’

To deal with the situation of a one-sided love failure, the famous actor Feroz Khan sits at the shrine in the play.

After watching the drama, and being inspired by Khan’s role a boy named Azeemullah Qureshi also visits the shrine of Hazrat Shah Shams Tabriz every Friday.

Qureshi is a matric student and works at a cosmetics shop. He keeps reciting Tasbeeh and prays to God to make him meet the love of his life, in the same way, Farhad (Feroz’s character) meets Mahi (Iqra Aziz) in the drama.

Speaking about his love interest, Azeemullah said, “We used to go to school together, but she betrayed me and got married.”

“Now, I will leave this shrine only when I get to meet her.”

Here are some pictures of Qureshi sitting at the shrine:





Speaking at a recent digital show about his fan, Feroze Khan said he does not endorse it.

Talking about his ‘super fan’, Khan said, “we tend to forget that nowadays we are going through the time where people can do anything for fame, they can go to any extreme, you just name it, in doing so, they don’t realize, they are being a constant damage to the country and society”.

Adding, he said that he ‘himself tries to stay away from such things’.

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  • So another proof that these Shrines and such dramas spreading nothing but Jahalat.
    These are centres of Jahalat.

  • Kya phudo khata hye Isko aisey paish kya ja rha ye jaisey bohat bara maidan masr lya hye jahalat ki inteha hye

  • Banchod itni muhabbat apni Maa Baap se ki hoti to ese zaleel hone ka waqt he na ata, acha ho is ki bund per danday marain jaye takeh yeh wapis asli duniya mein lot jaye.

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