Man from Multan Jailed, Fined Over Second Marriage

In case of non-payment of the fine, the convict will have to spend three more months in prison.

In Multan, a man was sentenced to one-month jail imprisonment and fined Rs. 500,000 for entering a second marriage without his first wife’s mandatory permission, as required under section 6 of the Muslim Family Law Ordinance 1961.

When the first wife pleaded that her husband had contracted the second marriage without her consent, the court summoned the man. After initial hesitation, the man confessed to the charge. Upon finding the man guilty, the court ruled in the first wife’s favor and issued a sentence of one-month imprisonment and Rs. 500,000 fine.

The ruling further stated:

In case of non-payment of the fine, the convict will have to spend three more months in prison.

In similar news, a Lahore man was sent to jail on the first wife’s complaint in July last year. The woman, Ms. Shamim, had pleaded to the local court when her spouse, Rashid, contracted the second marriage without her knowledge and permission.

The court of Judicial Magistrate Amanullah Bhatti heard the petition and sentenced Rashid to 11-month jail and a fine of Rs. 250,000.

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  • This is against of Islam. In Islam not get permission fist wife for second marriage. So this rule should be changed

  • Why our islam is all about a second marriage. Islam does not say that making husbands ask for the consent of the first wife is haram. Due to the immoral fabric of our society and the way women is regarded as a second class citizen of the society, if the government is preventing uncivilized behavior there should not be any harm. Selective implementation of islam is very harmful. What happens to our islam when it asks us to do not force our daughters into marriage of our choice and should respect their choice. We play culture card in those matters.
    We need to fully implement islam and first and foremost on the men of the society who will be held accountable for all the corruption in the society. We need to make stricter laws to protect the weak in the society, empower them as much as possible. My opinion. I am not claiming to be religious, Just sharing my opinion on this matter.

  • اسلامی جمہوریہ پاکستان میں دوسری شادی کرنے پر سزا ملتی ہے زنا جتنا مرضی کرو سزا نہیں ملتی

  • یہ قانون پاکستانی عوام نے خود بنایا ہے۔ اسلام سے بے بہرہ اپنے نمائندے اسمبلیوں میں بھیج کر۔

  • No permission required for 2nd or 3rf marriage from 1st wife as per Islam But this bullshit law still exist for permission in Pakistan..

  • This is not in islam it has allowed 4 marriages and no permission is needed our law isn’t islamic.

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