Man Pretended To Be Traffic Warden For TEN YEARS To Mint Money From Citizens!

Adding to the list of things that exclusively happen in Pakistan, a fake traffic warden has been nabbed in Gujranwala for pretending to be traffic warden for an entire decade!

As per the local reporting source, traffic police has taken an alleged imposter named Shehzad into custody from Sheikhupura Mor. The fake traffic officer has been robbing citizens for as long as ten years. Fake identity card, service cards, a sum of money that he collected from the people in the forms of fines and challans have been recovered from his possession – according to the Police.

The police official revealed that Shehzad hails from Gujranwala and has been successfully minting money from people using fake printed slips to unlawfully penalise them. He used to tell different centre of affiliation to everyone and had friendly terms with all other wardens performing their duties in the areas.

After successfully carrying on the episode for over a decade, Shehzad was caught by a fellow warden on duty, who recognized him from KFC – where Shehzad apparently also worked.

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The incident has raised eyebrows and has particularly shaken people’s trust as to how many imposters we may be having operating such securely and safely inside the department.

Another incident of similar nature was exposed recently as well. The police had arrested three people who were pretending to be cops, stopping passengers for checking and then looting them on gunpoint.

They confessed impersonating cops, stopping people and snatching their valuables. Police recovered a stolen vehicle, mobile phones, Rs 100,000 snatched cash along with a 30 bore pistol from them. The incident has shaken the local public.

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