Man receives 8 years jail term for posting compromising photos of ex-fiancée online

The sentence was announced under Sections 20 and 21 of the Pakistan Penal Court (PPC).


  • The victim broke the engagement after finding out about the culprit’s criminal record. 
  • He later shared photos online and resorted to blackmailing and murder threats. 
  • The court found him guilty on all the mentioned accounts.

Anti-cybercrime court has awarded an eight years jail term to a man found guilty of blackmailing, sharing compromising pictures of ex-fiancee on social media. The culprit, Muhammad Sajjad, was also levied a fine of Rs. 500,000 fine by the court of Judge Tahir Mehmood in federal capital Islamabad.

The Federal Investigation Agency (FIA) registered a case on Sajjad for sharing his ex-fiancee’s nude photos online and blackmailing her. Due to his act, the complainant said that her character was maligned and her nikkah was terminated even before her rukhsati.

Following the final statements of the victim, investigation officer, forensic expert of FIA, and other witnesses, the court gave the final judgment today.

The complainant told the court that she was engaged to Sajjad for two years but broke off the engagement after finding out about his criminal history. Following that, he harassed her multiple times, sexually assaulted her by calling her at his home, blackmailed her to approach her relatives and family if she declines. She was also threatened by murder, adding to her ordeal.

When the victim was no longer complying with his demands and tied the knot with someone else, he posted explicit photos online, reaching out to her relatives, in-laws, and husband. After it, her marriage was called off and she received her divorce even before her rukhsati.

After the investigation, Sajjad was found guilty on all the mentioned accounts. He was awarded eight-year imprisonment and a fine of Rs.0.5 million. The sentence was announced under Sections 20 and 21 of the Pakistan Penal Court (PPC).

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    • It doesn’t matter. He had no right to use them for blackmailing. Ajeeb o ghareeb loog hein Pakistan mein

      • It does matter how can you naked picture to your fiance.
        This is very problem girls facess in other countries but they do not learn.I thing man was punish right but girl shoul also face on nudity

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