Man sexually exploits female neighbor, her brother for six years before getting caught

The First Information Report (FIR) of the incident registered with the Sherakot police station.

A brother and sister sexually exploited by neighbour for years.

Recently, a man in Lahore was arrested for sexually assaulting his female friend and her brother. According to details, the man had been doing so for nearly six years before finally getting caught.

Man exploits female neighbor

Details of the Horrific Assault

The First Information Report (FIR) of the incident registered with the Sherakot police station in the provincial capital identifies the accused as Tanveer. Reports state that Tanveer had developed a physical relationship with his female neighbor on the pretext of marriage; however, he had ulterior motives.

Tanveer would often sexually exploit the girl and would secretly record the obscene acts. When she would refuse to meet sometimes, Tanveer would blackmail her by threatening to post the videos online.

Eventually, Tanveer got hold of the female victim’s brother also. According to police reports, the accused sexually abused the minor often through intimidation and blackmailing tactics.

Man has been aressted for sexual harassment

How was Tanveer finally arrested?

According to media reports, Tanveer engaged in an altercation with the victims’ father two days ago. Following the argument, the accused sent the father obscene videos of his children.

The victims’ father instantly approached the police and filed an FIR against Tanveer. Recalling other harassment incidents, the disheveled father stated:

Once there was a power outage in our area, and Tanveer, while sitting on stairs, continuously flashed a laser beam at our house. When I asked him to stop, he misbehaved and started hurling abuses at us.

Speaking about the recent incident, the father said:

Tanveer was annoyed because for the last few days my children refused to accept his demands.

The police detained the accused after listening to the victims’ father’s claims. A case was registered against Tanveer, and officials initiated an investigation into the matter. The police have now recovered the indecent videos from Tanveer’s mobile phone, advancing the case towards a fair verdict.

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